HepCats Copenhagen has been teaching swing dancing – Lindy Hop, Charleston, Solo Jazz & more – since 2002. We have a well established structure for absolute beginners which later turns into a smorgasbord of opportunities for more experienced dancers.

A set of classes lasts 6-7 weeks and you can choose your class depending on your previous experience. Every class will feature a detailed description, mention the level as well as the name of the instructors. But in order not have the read through 6-7 class descriptions to find the one’s right for you, take a look at below guidelines. Oh – and yes, you can sign up for more than one class per week. In fact, you can join a second class at 1/2 the price!



No prior dance experience required

This is a class for those new to this cool SwingDance called Lindy Hop. We’ll teach you everything – no former experience is required. You can sign up with a partner or alone, but during the class you will dance with a lot of other beginners and hopefully make a bunch of new friends. We will focus on learning the 1930’s Lindy Hop (the original Jitterbug) & Charleston and having completed the series of classes, you’ll be ready to take on the social dance floor and dance the night away. Also you’ll be ready to join the Beginners Continuation course called “Beginners-Intermediate”



Requires BEGINNERS class at HepCats or similar

This is a course you will take twice – each period will have it’s own curriculum. Focus will be on improving and building on the basics you learned in “Lindy Hop for Beginners”, and add lots of fun stuff to what you already know. Requirement for joining this level is basic knowledge of 6-counts, the 8-count swingout and side-by-side Charleston, similar to what you’d get in the beginners class above.



For everyone with at least 6 months of (Lindy Hop) experience

We aim to have two Intermediate Dancers Classes for couples to choose from per round, and most likely it is possible to take both of these same evening. Intermediate classes focus on the fun in Lindy Hop as well as on making you a better dancer. Examples of classes can be “Classic moves found in the Black-and-White movies from the 1930’s”, “Partner Charleston”, “Core elements of Lindy Hop ”, “Learn a cool routine”, “Learn how to improvise” etc.

To join, you should be familiar with basic 6- and 8-count variations, comfortable doing swingouts and have tried some of the basic jazz-steps. If you’ve taken your prior classes at HepCats, you are well set for this.



For everyone with at least 12 months of Lindy Hop experience

There is normally two Experienced Dancer theme-classes to choose from, and most likely it is possible to take both of these same evening. The classes have different requirements and there will be an increased focus on the quality of your dancing. Example of classes could be “Jazz up you Lindy”, “Fast Lindy Technique”, “1001 Swingouts”, “Fast’n’fun Lindy-Charleston”, “Challenge your Balance” and “Movin’ and groovin’”. Expect to get personal feedback and also sometimes to get stuff you should work on at home. Class descriptions will often list prerequisites for students joining (could be a requirement like  “you’re comfortable doing swingouts at 200+ bpm), and in some cases more that 12 months of experience is required.



We will normally run 1-2 “solo jazz” courses during every single round. Here you’ll get the chance to work on your own dancing and make those movements look really good. Classes often tend to focus on some kind of choreography, but along the way your instructor will teach you the individual steps and go in depth with details as needed. Solo jazz class examples are “Do the Trankey Doo”, “The Big Apple”, “Chorus Line” etc.

There will be some kind of “dance experience requirement” – often that you have at least 6 or 12 months of swing dancing experience. See the class description for requirements.