Ready to begin Swing dancing?

Do you like to dance or would you like to know how?

Start swing dancing at Hepcats Copenhagen on Thursdays at Vesterbro. We are a friendly non-profit swing dancing community and we have weekly classes for absolutely newcomers starting 3 times in the spring and 3 times in the Autumn.

At Hepcats Copenhagen you can learn to swing like in the 1930’s – we dance Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa and Authentic Jazz.

Sign up alone or with a partner – meet and dance with new people at class and at parties in Copenhagen and around the world.

CLASSES FOR NEW DANCERS – More info & sign-up

Thursday Classes

Join our weekly Lindy Hop & SlowBal classes for beginners and experienced dancers

Every round offer weekly Lindy Hop & SlowBal classes. We currently offer following 5-to-6-week courses for all swing dancers in Copenhagen:

Lindy Hop (& Couple Charleston)

  • Lindy Hop Beginners (no previous experience expected)
  • Lindy Hop Beginners-Intermediate (Requirement: 6 weeks of beginners class at Hepcats or other )
  • Lindy Hop Intermediate (Requirement: 1/2 year or more of active swing dancing)
  • Lindy Hop Experienced (1+ year of active swing dancing)

SoloJazz (not all rounds)

  • Solo Jazz  (Requirement: 1/2 year or more of active swing dancing)

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Hepcats Copenhagen are run 100% by volunteers. If you would like to help out please get in touch with us through the contact form or join our volunteers facebook group here.

We appreciate all the help we can get, even if you only have a little time you can offer us!