Dancing is something we do together, it is what makes us laugh and it gives us great experiences time and time again.

Dancing brings us closer to each other, both in spirit and physically. Lindy Hop is a couple dance; it is built on communication and connection. It is in this connection that we have the great dances; it is here the “magic” happens, but it is also in this that we can step on each other’s toes – so to speak.

We are all different and many of us come from very different backgrounds so typically we all have different experiences of the same situations. It is therefore even more important that we remember to take care of each other and respect each other’s boundaries.

So please go out and dance, give it all you’ve got and have fun, but let’s remember that:

  • It is always alright to decline a dance and without having to justify why; not just the second dance but also the first.
  • If someone says no to a dance with you; do not take it personally. You do not know their reasons and they might not want to tell you.
  • Know your boundaries and respect boundaries of others; stand up for them and let others know if they cross them, but be polite.
  • If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, please remember that your fellow dancers, the teachers and the board members really want what’s best for you. You are always welcome to come and talk to us.
  • If you see, hear or experience anything that might worry you, please talk to us about it, don’t gossip, but let us talk. You can talk to your teachers or write the board of Hepcats Copenhagen at info@hepcats.dk

We hope that our community is a place where everyone feels welcome and we want this feeling to continue. Take care of your friends; respect their boundaries and let’s have great dances – every time.