If you are a student you get a 20% discount on all regular classes and select workshops by using the coupon code “student” at check-out. Please note can you can be asked to show a valid student ID one or more times during the classes. If you fail to show a valid student ID you will be asked to pay the full price.

Memberships are not eligible for student discount.

Cannot be combined with the Second Class for 200 DKK discount.

If you take 2 classes during the same round you will get the second class for 200 DKK

If you buy both classes in 1 order, we will apply the discount manually once your order is placed. Please note that the discount will NOT show on your initial order confirmation as we must add it manually.

If you have bought the classes in 2 orders, please note so on your second order AND fill in below form to alert us to this, as soon as you have completed your order.

Please note:

If you cancel your order for one of the classes, you will be asked to pay full price for the remaining class.

If you are for whatever reason not accepted into 1 of your classes, you must pay full price for the other class.

Cannot be combined with student discount.

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