What Is Lindy Hop?

Not quite sure what Lindy Hop is or what it looks like? Get more information and watch video clips here.

Do You Offer A Student Discount?

Yes! If you are a full time student with a valid student ID, you get a discount of 20%. To claim your student disount, please add the coupon code Student at checkout and bring your student ID on the first day of the workshop.

What If I Have Never Danced Before?

In the Hepcats’ Lindy Hop for Beginners Class, we start from scratch and we don’t expect you to have any prior knowledge of swing dancing or dancing in general. We teach you the dance step by step and provide you with lots of opportunities to practice before letting you loose on the social dance floor at the end of each class.

What If I Am Signing Up with a Partner?

If you sign up with a partner, both of you have to fill in a registration form. You can either use the partner function in the registration form or state the name of your partner in the comments box on the form, so that we know you are signing up together. That way we can guarantee both of you a spot at the workshop. Keep in mind that we change partners every few minutes, so you will get to dance with the other participants in class as well as the partner with whom you signed up. The reason for changing between partners often is, that in our experience people learn the dancemoves and techniques a lot faster when trying it with different dancers. Also, in case someone’s usual partner isn’t able to join for one night, we don’t want attending dancer to be left alone. When changing between partners, we make sure everyone gets to learn this lovely dance!

What If I Don’t Have a Partner?

You don’t have to sign up with a partner. We change partners every few minutes, so you will get to dance with the other participants in class.

As in other partner dances one person in a Lindy Hop couple is leading and one is following. We want to keep the balance of leaders and followers as even as possible in class and we know from experience that more followers than leaders sign up. Therefore, signing up with a parter is a good way to avoid ending up on a waiting list. We welcome people of all genders in both roles.

Please note: When you decide to move on from one level to the next, it will be in the role you already learnt.