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September 2019

Classes online now! 26/9-31/10

Join us for the second round of classes of the Autumn season! We have a fun menu of classes for you including classes for absolute beginners to classes for those who are thinking about becoming a Lindy Hop teacher! Lindy Hop for (absolute) beginners: https://hepcats.dk/product/lindy-hop-for-beginners-1905/ Lindy Hop, late class: Beginners intermediate (the class after Beginners, [...]

Mark the date – new round of classes coming up 26/9-31/10

Our next round of Thursday classes starts on September 26th and we have some fun themes coming up. Registration opens very soon for intermediate+ but classes for beginners and beginners intermediate are online now!   All classes will be published here: https://hepcats.dk/classes-2/