Join In for 2 x 2 hour classes for those who has completed a Hepcats Beginner-Class or Beginners Intermediate once. Thursdays from 19-21 at Idrætsfabrikken.

Price is 200 DKK for of 4 hours of classes.

Teachers & Content

The two classes are taught by Hanna & Sune, some of our most experienced Hepcats and does not require you to have taken classes with us before, as long as you have completed a round of Lindyhop classes with a focus on 8-counts and the swingout. You can sign up with or without a partner. We will rotate partners during class.

During the 2 x 2 hour classes we will spend time perfecting the

  • LindyHop Swingout from Closed
  • LindyHop Swingout from Open
  • LindyHop Circle

And add cool stuff like

  • Swing-out variations
  • Charleston variations
  • Twists
  • Kicks
  • … and more

As we will have socials after class, there is also a focus on

  • Be able to dance social to a complete song
  • Having Fun 😀


Where, When, Who?

  • When: Thursdays 19-21
  • Where: First Floor @ Idrætsfabrikken, Valdemarsgade 12, Copenhagen
  • Who: Dancers ready for Beginners-Intermediate  (have completed 6+ weeks of classes with a focus on 6- and 8-count LindyHop)
  • Bonus: Social dancing from 21.00 onwards

Price is 200 DKK for 4 hours of classes.

Dancers from any Swing Dance community welcome (Hepcats, SwingShoes, Happy Feet or …), as long as you familiar with basic 8-count LindyHop (Swing-outs!) . Sign up with a partner to skip the line and secure a spot immediately. And don’t foget to get a membership as well, if you haven’t gotten one already.


Don’t forget to pick up a membership, before check-out, if you are not already a Spring 2024 member.


Looking forward to see you on the dance floor!