Time and Place

Date: 04-05-2023 to 15-06-2023

Weekday: Thursday

Time: 20:30-21:45

Location: Idrætsfabrikken Valdemarsgade 12, 1665 København

Join our beginner class and learn the wonderful Slow Balboa dance

Balboa is a partnered swing dance that originates from California and is almost 100 years old. Balboa can be both flashy and the subtle communication between the lead and follow such as weight shifts that most spectators cannot see. As a result, Balboa is considered more of a ‘dancer’s dance’ than a ‘spectator’s dance’.

This beginners’ class will aim at giving you and your partner a solid foundation for the subtle communication of leading and following with your body. We’ll begin in close embrace and gradually open more up as the classes will progress. There will both be plenty of time for questions and repetitions, as the class does not require any prior dance knowledge, but if you have it and/or you quickly learn the basics we can to some extend graduate the theme we’re working on to accommodate more experienced dancers.

Shoes: It is a good idea to show up with indoor dance shoes that has a leather or similar slippery sole. It is common to see women dance in shoes with a thick 3-5 cm tall heel, but you do not have to do so.
Teachers: Our teachers Zhan Li  and  Jon Bendtsen  will give you a thorough introduction to the art of dancing gracefully to slow swing and jazz music.


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