Price: 950 DKK

Venue: Happy Feet Studio

Full pass (all classes, all parties and Sunday Tea Dance)


We have created four different levels to make sure that everybody gets the most out of this workshop and will be able to attend a class where you both have the confidence to master everything and at the same time are challenged sufficiently. We will do our best to balance all levels with leads and followers. Thus we might offer you to join another level than your own choice to secure your spot.

Read our description below to find your level. And please write us an email on [email protected] if you would like some advice or have any questions regarding levels.



Level 1: Raindrop (Beginner)

This level will start at the very beginning ensuring that you learn the technique, basics and soul of Collegiate Shag. So it is for everyone who would like to learn shag for the first time but also suitable if you already know some basics from a round of classes but want to try what a dancing festival is like or if you want to get a restart of the dance after some time away. The aim is to get comfortable with your basic technique and get to know figures and fun variations to play with during the weekend and after.


Level 2: Light Rain (Intermediate)

You’ve already been dancing collegiate shag for a while and have attended weekly classes for almost half a year. You know various types of basics and variations but sometimes you still have to think about your footwork. You have reached a point where you can enjoy social dancing without having to worry too much about your technique. You have a growing repertoire of moves and social dance shag regularly. You are familiar with at least one version of the Shag-out and are comfortable with several forms of breaks or rhythm-variations.


Level 3: Heavy rain (Intermediate/Advanced

This level is for experienced shagsters who have danced regularly for at least a year and already participated at an international Collegiate Shag festival.

You use breaks and can change between different rhythms (single and double rhythm shag) and footwork techniques. Your styling and expression reflects the music, whether it be tiny and smooth or big and explosive. You use a range of figures and are comfortable dancing to faster music (220+ BPM).

Level 4: Monsoon (Advanced)

This level is for very experienced shagsters who have already shagged around both on your home scene and internationally for at least one and a half years. You are ambitious and want to both drill technicality and flashy moves without losing control of either of those parts in your dancing. No song is too fast since you will always find a great way of playing with that big passion of shag. You might already teach at your home scene and if not it’s probably just a matter of time.