Time and place

Start date: 15-08-2019    End date: 19-09-2019

Weekday: Thursday

Time: 19.00 – 20.15

Location: Idrætsfabrikken, Valdemarsgade 12, 1665 Copenhagen V

Minimum level requirement

This is an intermediate level class.

This means:

  • You have at least 6 months of active Lindy Hop experience – regular classes and social dancing (at least 2 rounds of beginners-intermediate at Hepcats + social dancing)
  • You can dance both 6- and 8-count and switch easily between the two
  • The class will be suited for every with their basic 8-count lead/follow technique in place and an eagerness to learn new cool stuff
  • We expect you to practice during the week when possible

Prior dancing at Hepcats is not a requirement, we welcome all Lindy Hoppers as long as you meet the requirements outlined above.

If you are a more experienced dancer – you too are heartily welcome. Come and challenge yourself – go back to basics and have fun with the dance.


‘Relax & Swing’

In this class we will focus on the awesomeness of being relaxed when you’re dancing. How do you feel the difference in intensity, how do you create tension while being relaxed, how can you make your dance groovy.

We will work with lindy variations that encourage the feeling of being relaxed, yet in control. You will be introduced to techniques to help you become more aware of the importance of tension, connection and relaxation in your partnered Lindy Hop.

Our main goal of this class is to give you a more comfortable feeling of easiness on the dance floor while helping you become a more confident and experienced dancers.

Don’t let the name of this class fool you – it will not be an easy ride, just a relaxed one…

Signing up with a partner

Write your partners email address in the “with a partner” box when signing up. Please note that your partner must also register separately for the same class and note your email on their order.

Available Discounts

We offer a 20% Student discount. Add the coupon code “student” at check-out.

If you take more than one class in the same round of classes, you will get the second class for only 200 kr. This discount will be manually added, when you are accepted in your second class.

Please read all terms and conditions for the discounts here before placing your order!


Hepcats Copenhagen is a non-profit organisation. To take classes with us you need to buy a membership.

Memberships are sold for either the spring or fall season. If you have not purchased a membership for the current season please add one from the Membership and other items sections when booking your course.


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