Time and place

Weekday: Friday (party), Saturday and Sunday 17-19 of January

Parties included: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Place + more information: www.hepcats.dk/letloose


Level Willa Mae Ricker corresponds to intermediate level. To sign up for this level you need at least 6 months of Lindy Hop experience and you know the basics such as the 8-count, the 6 count, the swing out, the lindy circle and side by side Charleston. You have been taking classes regularly and you social dance. Please note: This is not a beginners level!

On this level you will have 6 hours of Lindy Hop and 2 hours of solo jazz.

Signing up with a partner

Write your partners email address in the “with a partner” box when signing up. Please note that your partner must also register separately for the same class and note your email on their order.


There are no discounts available for this workshop.

Terms & conditions for cancellations: https://hepcats.dk/terms-and-conditions/

You will use a credit card to sign up. This money will not be withdrawn from your account unless we accept your registration. Keep an eye out for e-mails from us (check spam regularly as we have seen that our mails sometimes land there).