LindyHop, SlowBal & SoloJazz classes

We are starting a new round of  Thursday classes for all swing-dancers in CPH. Next round starts on September 29th, 2022 – Register at

Lindy Hop Classes

  • Lindy Hop Beginners (No prior dancing experience)
  • Lindy Hop Beginners-Intermediate (having completed a beginners course at Hepcats or other community)
  • Lindy Hop Intermediate – 3+ rounds of dancing experience at any community in CPH
  • Lindy Hop Experienced – 1+ year of LindyHop dancing experience

Solo Jazz Class (to be confirmed)

  • SoloJazz Class for all dancers in CPH with 3+ rounds of experience

SlowBal classes

  • SlowBal Beginners (no prior dancing experience required)
  • SlowBal Continued (for those no longer beginners)
Registration is open – Join in and Swing Out!