June 2018

2018 General Assembly minutes (Danish only)


On May 6th 2018 Hepcats Copenhagen held it's annual general assembly. Below you'll find the minutes (Danish only). 1. Valg af dirigent Benedikte Ballund blev valgt til dirigent. Lars Tjærby Rasmussen blev valgt til referent.   2. Bestyrelsens beretning Formanden redegjorde for årets aktiviteter: Den årlige LHTA i Januar, med støtte fra Tuborg-fonden (tak til [...]

2018 General Assembly minutes (Danish only)2020-09-17T14:23:41+02:00

August 2017

That 3 Minute Love Affair


By Benedikte. I went to Herrang Dance Camp this summer with a back that hadn’t really fully recovered from an injury a week earlier. This meant very little social dancing in the evenings but I managed to have a few dances and one of them really stuck with me. "I Wanna Do That Too!" I [...]

That 3 Minute Love Affair2020-09-17T14:23:41+02:00
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