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September 2020

Registration for classes starting Thursday 1st of October is now open!


  Next round of classes runs for 6 weeks starting from 1st of October. Check out our classes and sign up for classes here. Information regarding dancing and Covid-19 According to the authorities we are allowed to dance with each other as long as we stick to the same dance partner and do not switch [...]

Registration for classes starting Thursday 1st of October is now open!2020-09-21T16:55:03+02:00

August 2019

Summary minutes from board meeting, June 24th 2019


To try something new, the board will make summary minutes of our meetings available on This is the summary of our first meeting on June 24th, 2019. Date: 24.06.2019 Time: 18.00-21.00 Participants: Stine (Chair), Hakon (Vice Chair), Isabella (Treasurer), Uffe (Member), Johannes (Member), Lene (Alternate) Presentation and onboarding This was the first meeting for [...]

Summary minutes from board meeting, June 24th 20192019-08-07T16:14:22+02:00

June 2018

2018 General Assembly minutes (Danish only)


On May 6th 2018 Hepcats Copenhagen held it's annual general assembly. Below you'll find the minutes (Danish only). 1. Valg af dirigent Benedikte Ballund blev valgt til dirigent. Lars Tjærby Rasmussen blev valgt til referent.   2. Bestyrelsens beretning Formanden redegjorde for årets aktiviteter: Den årlige LHTA i Januar, med støtte fra Tuborg-fonden (tak til [...]

2018 General Assembly minutes (Danish only)2020-09-17T14:23:41+02:00

July 2017

General Assembly


Thank you to everyone who turned up at the General Assembly! A huge thank you to María, Antastasia, Daniel for all of their work at Hepcats as they leave the Board member and accountant posts! And a heartfelt welcome to our new members Stine and Benedikte. The board now consists of the following members: Chairman: [...]

General Assembly2017-07-07T11:20:20+02:00
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