To try something new, the board will make summary minutes of our meetings available on This is the summary of our first meeting on June 24th, 2019.

Date: 24.06.2019
Time: 18.00-21.00
Participants: Stine (Chair), Hakon (Vice Chair), Isabella (Treasurer), Uffe (Member), Johannes (Member), Lene (Alternate)

  1. Presentation and onboarding
    This was the first meeting for the newly elected board, so we started with a general introduction to who-does-what in the Hepcats organization, i.e. admin team, webmaster, teachers group, etc.

    For the sake of transparency and knowledge of the board and what we do, it was decided that the board we will make summary minutes available on our website and invite interested members to attend some board meetings in the future.

  2.  Questionnaire
    Questionnaires to get feedback on the classes and ideas for new classes was discussed. We will continue working on this.
  3. Reimbursement of teachers
    Formalities concerning the ruled for reimbursement of teachers’ costs was discussed. The board will confer with the teachers on the next teacher’s meeting.
  4. ‘Let Loose 2020’ budget
    The budget for the “Let Loose 2020” event in January 2020, organised by Kat, Benedikte & Lars, was discussed and approved.
  5. Street Party in Nansensgade, August 24th
    We have been invited to participate in a street party in Nansensgade on August 24. We are interested and will look for teachers in the Hepcats teacher group.
  6. Hepcat Christmas Ball 2019
    Our usual venues at Kulturhuset Indre By and Søpavillonen are unavailable, on the planned date, so we will consider alternatives. Uffe will make some suggestions to be discussed at the next board meeting.

    Next board meeting
    Next board meeting will be on August 7, 2019